The World

The Lost Realms

What are the lost Realms ? Many times this question has been asked by those who happen on it by incident or accident. The Lost Realms are simply put a world outside of other worlds, it still holds links to the :astral Plane: or to the :Shadow Plane: it can still be accessed in :Sigil: but it can not be directly gone to. The only way to actually wind up within the Lost Realms, is to have been here before. Otherwise teleportation magic to get there simply does not work.

It is a wide and varied world, with many cultures, that have sprung up over time. No one is certain where they all came from only that they are most certainly there own people. Magic and Divine Magic still works just fine. The Gods themselves are said to walk the Lost Realms having no compulsion against meddling in the affairs of mortals, and fellow divinities alike.

How Were They Created

This is a question every scholar contemplates at least once in his life or lifetimes as it may be. There is stories of :The Great Old Ones: snagging people from other worlds, and bring them here to be worshiped or use for sacrifice to their greatness. It is known that the :First Ones: the name given to the Gods.

The World

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