Glamour & Shadow


Welcome to Glamour & Shadow a 3.5 Dungeons & Dragon’s game. Where characters will be playing fey. I have always wanted to run something like this and here I have my chance to do just that. So this game will circle around the Fey Courts. The Seelie & Unseelie. I will add aspects from many 3.5 Books in addition to 3rd party information as well.

In 1300 DR there was a shift in the cosmos that brought the Shadow Fey to the Forgotten Realms. They found themselves living within the Area of the Shadow Rift, which would not be a terrible thing other than the hidden fact that they did not come alone….

Gwydion the Sorcerer Fiend, a creature of great evil and power, followed his wayward servants. Since that was all they were to him. His servants. Creatures he can easily influence and bend to his will.

The scariest thing though is often not the monsters without, but the one’s within.

Glamour & Shadows